Digital Supply Chain Institute

The Digital Supply Chain Institute (DSCI) is a program of the non-profit Center for Global Enterprise (CGE) based in New York. DSCI helps companies rapidly transform their supply chains by utilizing the vision and tools of a Digital Supply Chain. We perform leading-edge applied research focused on the evolution of enterprise supply chains and the practical application of supply chain management best practices. DSCI engages in projects that apply knowledge gained through our innovative approach.

Overall Structure

The Institute is a member-led organization with priorities of management and operating knowledge sharing, applied research, and thought leadership. Our research priorities and learning objectives are set by members and marketplace trends. There are four types of members in our DSCI community, distinguished by the level of membership engagement they choose. Memberships are specially crafted to suit both large and small enterprises, leveraging the experience of different industries and geographies. Our community is strengthened with non-member affiliated companies that extend the participation in our global events and learning programs. Both groups have access to our intellectual property and DSCI services. DSCI member organizations are entitled to ongoing support included with their annual fee and others can receive support when engaged in knowledge-creating projects.

What makes DSCI different

  • Executive Leadership Representation– We have the highest level of executive involvement from each member company. For example, Under Armour has been represented by their Chairman and Founder, Kevin Plank, and Colin Browne, the Chief Operations Officer, who serves as a DSCI Co-Chair. Colgate Palmolive is represented by their CIO, Mike Crowe, and Mike Corbo, the Chief Supply Chain Officer. You would fit well with this group.
  • Safe Global Platform – We do not accept competitor companies into the DSCI membership. We provide a safe environment to share best practices and learning. This means that we have frank, open discussions about what is going well and what is not. This allows you from others around the world and contributes your knowledge and insights.
  • Applicable toolkits – We have a focus on execution and results for measurable supply chain operations. DSCI team members have run large line and staff organizations, and we understand what it takes to drive results. Our work is focused on finding ways to get results–rapidly. We have developed tools and strategies based on our research such as our Transformation Maturity Assessment, AI and Algorithm thought leadership, Blockchain Return Index, Essential Performance Metrics primer, and DSC Strategy Development workshop. We are also available to help our members execute proprietary projects using any of our selected toolkits for transformation.
  • Access to Global Knowledge Base– Direct access to continuously growing knowledge and research base. This base is unique, and it is updated on a regular basis with the latest global trends and innovation in supply chain transformation.
  • Platform for promotion and growth– DSCI is an exclusive platform for access to other DSCI members and peer-to-peer relationships in a trusted environment. It is also a platform for global thought leadership where members can present their learnings, solutions, or ideas to a global member audience opening new opportunities for them.

2020 DSCI Research Agenda
The DSCI will produce tools and reports on the following topics:

  • Replacing the demand forecast and serving new customer
  • Data Trading – Extracting full value from your new data model
  • New approach to change leadership in the digital era
  • Blockchain for supply chain value

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