The African Women

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Women-led businesses drive the African economy, but many lack access to the skills and resources needed to grow beyond the subsistence level.

The African Women Entrepreneurship Cooperative (AWEC) builds the capacity of female entrepreneurs to enable resilient business growth. We develop innovative, applied, and collaborative learning experiences that create immediate and long-term business impact for more than 800 small and mid-sized enterprises across Africa.

Our flagship program is a 12-month, high-touch blended learning model that leverages technology to deliver world class leadership and business management learnings to entrepreneurs in 52 African countries.

Our unique, high-touch learning model enables immediate business impact and cultivates a pan-African cooperative of entrepreneurs, experts, and allies. The program’s blended-learning model – in which most activities take place digitally – releases AWEC from the traditional confines of in-person training programs and enables us to impact entrepreneurs across the continent and diaspora.

Learn more about AWEC and how you can get involved as a participant, instructor, mentor, or donor.