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The CGE New Enlightenment Initiative brings CEOs together so they can share insights and best practices, plan industry research, and discuss solutions to create an even bigger impact. Find out how you can join, learn and make a difference.

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A New Approach for a New Era

The original Enlightenment (1685-1815) brought great advances in science, the way we govern, and laid the groundwork for the Industrial Revolution. We see this moment as the closest parallel to that period in our history.

New, disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming business and society in radical ways. We can answer questions previously unanswerable. Enterprises can develop new products, services and businesses. The same applies to public services. Our institutions and systems of governance can be made radically more responsive and effective. But leaders are wrestling with how to apply new technologies to best serve their customers and society.

The New Enlightenment Initiative convenes CEOs so they can share insights and best practices, plan industry research, and create a brighter future.

How CEOs benefit from
The New Enlightenment Initiative

How We Work

The New Enlightenment Initiative contains a research collaboration agreement with MIT’s Initiative on the Digital Economy led by Erik Brynjolfsson to address the issues and actions CEOs can take to expand business opportunities and minimize operating challenges.

We support your objectives by addressing the following focus areas:

The Reorganization of Work (Management Focus)

How to reorganize work to ensure their enterprise maintains competitive advantage and operating agility.

Suitability for Machine Learning (Workforce Focus)

While AI/ML are well suited to perform specific tasks that will increase business speed, agility, and value creation, not all tasks and jobs will best be accomplished by these technologies.

Multi-Stakeholder Benefits (Societal Focus)

In an era of New Enlightenment, new forms of economic and societal value will be created, disrupting previous models of business, and value creation.

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