Meet the
CGE Team

We founded CGE to bring global leaders together to make a real difference in the way we think about the globalization of business and the impact we have on the future. Our team includes global thought leaders, strategic advisors, consultants, and the brightest minds in business, all working hard to change the way we think about work. Meet our team below.

Board of Directors

Samuel J. Palmisano

Christopher Caine

David J. Kappos

Shelly Lazarus

Kevin M. Warsh

Jerry Yang

Douglas D. Haynes

Michael Spence

Li Shufu

Jim Breyer

Jon Iwata

Team Members

Monica Consiglio

Chief of Staff and Data Protection Officer

Dawn Leaness

Managing Director, AWEC

Ira Sager

VP, Communications and Global Learning

Lessie Skiba

Global Director of Outreach and Partner Engagement, CRI

Matias Casas

Director of Data and Infrastructure Design

Kinsey Yow

Director of Operations and Partner Relations, CRI

Sarah Lahti

Director of Operations and Program Management, DSCI

Keenan Rogers

Strategic Director of SLED Alliances and Engagement, CRI


Peter Jen

Dravida Seetharam

David W. Beier

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Shawn Muma

Director, Supply Chain Innovation and Emerging Technologies , DSCI

Saša Zdjelar

Sherif Kamel

Shanker Annaswamy

Dave Kurz

Kathleen Colucci