Peter Jen

Peter Jen has over thirty years of experience in the IT industry in various capacities – including technical, general management in marketing, and government relations

For the past two years, Mr. Jen has been the Senior Advisor to the President and CEO of North Asia for SAP, AG. Prior to this, he spent twenty six years working at IBM in both the United States and in China.

SAP, from Germany, is the world’s largest business software solution company. His key responsibilities are to aid in establishing a strategic framework to promote and engage government officials and relevant government agencies, to help SAP understand Chinese policies and regulations, to help promote & develop SAP’s business under a different cultural and business environment, and to raise the company’s image and social awareness.

During his time at IBM, he was the Special Assistant to the IBM Chairman of Greater China Group (GCG). His previous responsibility was as Chief Representative for IBM GCG, responsible for IBM’s corporate strategy on government affairs. He was the key representative of the company in China. His primary duties included developing long-term policy decisions; directly supervising the business strategies of high-priority industries; developing and building key government and ministry relationships and high-level government leader contacts; keeping abreast of current market trends, industry, and competitive information; educating corporate headquarters about the China operating climate; and ensuring that both management and colleagues understood government affairs and its relationship to bottom-line results. Overall, Peter was involved in representing IBM on a macro-level, as a spokesperson on relevant business and political issues and pro-actively lobbying with U.S. and Chinese governments on trade and market access issues.

Mr. Jen resides in Beijing, China.

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