Case Study: Colgate Palmolive Transforms Supply Chain with Smart Manufacturing

September 18, 2017

APQC (American Productivity & Quality Center), in conjunction with the Center for Global Enterprise’s Digital Supply Chain Institute, will publish a series of case studies looking at how leading organizations measure supply chain performance amid a digital transformation. The second case study of this series looks into how Colgate Palmolive is digitizing its supply chain through smart manufacturing.


Colgate Palmolive, a New York City–based consumer product company with $15.2 billion revenue, set its 2020 Digital Supply Chain strategy on two important areas: Smart Manufacturing and Data Analytics. The interesting take away from this case study is how Colgate Palmolive is utilizing the existing supply chain KPI’s to measure the benefits of its new digital supply chain transformation.


“We have to be very agile to be able to incorporate new technologies as they come along,” said Andres Bejarano, Director, factory performance and reliability, global supply chain . “People and organization readiness is paramount to adopt and leverage these technologies.”


Read the entire Colgate Palmolive case study here.

Download the entire Colgate Palmolive case study here.



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