Open eBL

Advancing Global Trade Through Open-Source 

Electronic Bill of Lading


We’re on a Mission

Open eBL is committed to succeeding where other initiatives have failed by deploying an open-source standards-based electronic bill of lading (eBL). This initiative will unlock the shared value of:


Increased Transparency 

Faster Trade Transaction Processing


About Open eBL

Open eBL is managed by the non-profit Digital Supply Chain Institute (DSCI) under the Center for Global Enterprise and is backed by several founding members. The initiative offers benefits to all stakeholders within supply chains who rely on Bills of Lading to add value to their supply chain ecosystems. Open-source standards will enable an easy-to-use, transparent, and efficient international trade process.

Stay tuned for additional details on membership, governance, eBL products and services.

Founding Sponsors

Open eBL At a Glance

Target Audience

All stakeholders in the supply chain leveraging Bills of Lading to conduct global trade

Product & Services

Open-source eBL APIs

Supply chain network

Marketplace of hosted/embedded workflows 

Governance & Accountability

Distinct non-profit under DSCI/CGE

Open eBL board oversees mission and compliance

Technology steering committee steers solutions and protocols with accountability to Open eBL board


A community of developers creating Digital Supply Chain workflows based upon the open source eBL


Initially funded by DSCI, BlueX Trade, and early members for the first 24 months

Long term self-funded 



Expansion into other ICC digital trade document standards

Become the trade documentation digitization hub of global supply chains

Contact Us

For more information contact: Vanessa Mbanefo, Managing Director, Open eBL

[email protected]

CGE Man and woman consulting on documents