Business Models for Speed and Scale

Research on Business Models for Speed and Scale Unveiled to Worldwide CEOs

For over the last year CGE, in partnership with Professor Pankaj Ghemawat of NYU Stern and IESE, has been working to advance business learning on Business Models for Speed and Scale. Using the six management elements of CGE’s Worldwide Reference Library as a framework, leading academic experts from around the world looked into current practices and leading management models. Three of the six sub-topics were discussed at the December Worldwide CEO Exchange hosted by CGE in Sanya, China. Professor Ghemawat’s overarching presentation and the commissioned papers on the six management elements can be found below.

Styles of Financial Management
Emir Hrnjic, David M. Reeb, Bernard Yeung

An Integrative Approach to Cross-Border Expansion: The Role of Global Leadership
B. Sebastian Reiche

Global Brands in a Semiglobalized World: Securing the Good and Avoiding the Bad
Jan-Benedict E.M. Steenkamp

Capturing Value from IP in a Global Environment
Juan Alcácer , Jarin Beukel, Bruno Cassiman

Trust: What Business Needs to Operate and Grow at Speed and Scale
David Beier, Ed Freeman, Dean Krehmeyer

Can Marshall’s Clusters Survive Globalization?
Giulio Buciuni, Gary P. Pisano

What are Business Models for Speed and Scale?
Business Models for Speed and Scale are management practices and processes that enable operating execution of an enterprise. Speed – the management behaviors that accelerate agility and innovation – and scale – management behaviors that create breadth and optimize productivity of enterprise operations.

Why this line of Research?
This project was born from discussions with leading executives who have attended CGE programs. CEOs from an array of businesses have discussed the global challenges facing their enterprises. Enterprise speed and scale emerged repeatedly as a challenge for large and small, public and private, companies alike. Many businesses know how to do one or the other with precision, but few have carried out both successfully or merged the two optimally together in management. An important force shaping the intersection of these two fundamental operating elements is the growing availability of cloud computing. This project will use cloud computing as an initial lens to explore the search for speed and scale against a backdrop of increasing global integration and demands for transparency and responsiveness to shifting customer expectations. A primary focus of this project is to provide actionable management methodologies and advice to CEOs and senior organizational leaders.

The 2014-2015 Business Models for Speed and Scale Roadmap:
Professor Pankaj Ghemawat of NYU Stern will drive this research project along with other leading academic researchers such as Juan Alcacer of Harvard Business School. The CGE will commission papers from leading authorities on six separate management elements. The preliminary drafts of the six papers will be discussed among academics and business practitioners in the spring of 2015. The conference will be hosted by the CGE and the Center for Global Education and Management (CGEM) at NYU Stern. The CGEM conference will be followed by a rapid revision phase that will take on board the discussions at the conference and, ideally, field visits to relevant companies, with the finalized research due by summer 2015.

These results will be integrated into an overarching series of recommendations that will be presented at a 2015 CGE planned worldwide gathering of CEOs in China.

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