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Learn about the week’s biggest issues on Wall Street
with Sam Palmisano (Chairman, CGE), a regular contributor to the financial news series “Bloomberg Wall Street Week.”

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Decoupling Doesn't Make Sense Economically: Palmisano

Sam Palmisano, Center for Global Enterprise Chairman discusses de-risking, decoupling and investing in infrastructure of chips facilities. He speaks with David Westin on "Wall Street Week Daily." (Source: Bloomberg)
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Bloomberg’s Wall Street Week: Sam Palmisano Discusses How Big Tech Embraces AI

Sam Palmisano, Former IBM CEO dives into governments role in regulating AI and takes us through technological changes he's experienced. Palmisano also explains the importance of training the workforce for AI. (Source: Bloomberg)
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Challenges Facing Todays CEO's

Bloomberg Wallstreet Week Interviews CGE Chair Sam Palmisano on Challenges Facing Todays CEO's
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Sam Palmisano on the Significance of the Oracle-TikTok Deal

Sam Palmisano, former chairman and CEO of IBM, discusses Oracle’s acquisition of TikTok and what it means for the usage of personal data. He speaks with Bloomberg’s David Westin on “Bloomberg: Balance of Power.”
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“Technology on Steroids” and its impact on market dynamics

Sam Palmisano, Chairman, The Center for Global Enterprise, (CGE) says that technology’s acceleration is the most significant determinant of market success more so than regulatory restraints. He thinks that acquisitions by companies, like Facebook, were not necessarily anti-competitive because they were made during the companies’ growth phases. He joins David Westin exclusively on “Bloomberg Wall Street Week.”
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Sam Palmisano Discusses “Returning To Work Safely Policy Framework”

This week’s Wall Street Week features David Westin’s interviews with Former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, Ford Foundation President Darren Walker, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Former IBM CEO & Wall Street Week Contributor Sam Palmisano, and Former Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers Glenn Hubbard. Sam Palmisano discusses the tech’s role in facilitating a return to the workplace.
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Sam Palmisano Discusses Supply Chain Resiliency on Bloomberg Markets

The novel coronavirus has spurred what will likely be the worst recession in generations as the U.S. economy grinds to a halt and millions lose their jobs. Bloomberg Economics created a model last year to determine America’s recession odds. The chance of a recession now stands at 100%, confirming an end to the nation’s longest-running expansion. Sam Palmisano, former chairman and CEO of IBM and chairman of the Center for Global Enterprise, speaks with Bloomberg’s Shery Ahn about the global supply chain.
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Incoming Amazon CEO Shows Direction of Tech: Palmisano

Former IBM Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Sam Palmisano says that appointment of Andy Jassy as the new CEO of Amazon shows the importance of the cloud to the future of technology. He joins David Westin on “Bloomberg Wall Street Week.”
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Bloomberg Wall Street Week - Full Show

One of the most iconic brands in financial news returns for today’s issues and today’s world. RockCreek Group CEO Afsaneh Beschloss, Former IBM CEO Sam Palmisano, Former USTR Michael Froman and Cornerstone Capital Group CEO Erika Karp join host David Westin for a new look at the financial and economic stories that shape our world in “Bloomberg Wall Street Week.”
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