Flora Gabtony

Flora Gabtony

Flora Gabtony (The Behaviour Doctor) is a Teacher, Organizational Psychologist, Independent Employee Assistant Program (EAP) Counsellor and Ethics /Character Education Facilitator. Through Unconditional Therapeutic Care and Selfless Giving, she helps individuals at all levels to identify and embrace a path to WHOLEness.

Prior to joining the AWEC Team as a Teaching Assistant, Flora was a member of the AWEC Cohort 1 where her dedication and commitment to the programme earned her the AWEC Champion Award.

Flora is a First Class graduate of Psychology from the University of Lagos with a Masters in Occupational and Organizational Psychology from the University of East London, UK. She has acquired numerous qualifications in training, counselling, leadership, administration and management. Her respectable track record earned her recommendations from institutions she has worked with including Global Academy of Professional Ethics, Dexter and Heroes Consulting, and the University of Lagos Consultancy Service in collaboration with International Academy of Forensics (IAF) and International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigation Professionals (IICFIP) USA where she led sessions on Business / Professional Ethics, Critical Thinking, Psychology of Crime and Profiling for Professionals in the Banking, Oil and Gas, Security, Medical, Education, and Management sectors.

In addition Teaching, Counselling and Ethical Behaviour Advocacy, Flora is the Convener of WOMEN with LAMPS Network (WoLaN), an African Women Reading/Book club for igniting Goodness in the world through Knowledge sharing.

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