African Women Entrepreneurship Cooperative


What is AWEC?

AWEC participants, mentors, and staff share what AWEC means to them.

Current & past participants talk about the impact of AWEC

Gathered in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania for AWEC’s third Leadership Summit, current participants and alumnae reflect on AWEC.

AWEC cohort members discuss their Aha Moments during the program

From pitching to branding, participants share their light bulb moments during the AWEC program.

Members of Cohort 1 and Cohort 2 tell their AWEC stories

Members of the community talk about the business and personal transformations they have experienced during their time with AWEC.

AWEC community members reflect on their year with AWEC

Community, connections, and continuous growth. Members of AWEC Cohort 1 share stories about the inaugural AWEC program year.

Funmi Oyatogun on the benefits of AWEC

AWEC cohort member Funmi Oyatogun discusses how AWEC has benefitted her business, developed her skills and grown her network.

Isabelle Kamariza on what AWEC means to her business

AWEC cohort member Isabelle Kamariza describes how AWEC’s lessons have impacted her business.

Angelica Chilando on the power of the AWEC network

Angelica Chilando, a member of the first AWEC cohort, shares her views on the power of the collaborative.


“The AWEC program is not just another women’s network. Its lessons are practical and instantly applicable. Exercises help experienced entrepreneurs to look at themselves through [an] external prism and have diverse perspectives on their business model, tactics and methods.”

-- Braun Hilda (Côte d’Ivoire)


“The value of being in the program is not only gaining the knowledge and skills which I can implement in my own business, but also, it gives me the opportunity to network with like-minded people and mentors from different countries and disciplines. This exposure and learning is invaluable to anyone, irrespective of chosen profession.”

-- Keshni (South Africa)


“AWEC is simply exceptional. It’s curriculum, amazing! And the facilitators, top notch. I’m just so glad I’m a part of this. I see my business growing in leaps and bounds even before the training is over.”

-- Adenike (Nigeria)


“Being a part of AWEC helped fight a lot of frustrating moments, and helped me realize that I am not alone in this, and that I have a whole community as my support system.”

-- Najla (Libya)


“One thing I’ve learned from AWEC is to come up with a simple and systematic financial analysis. In the past, my financial documents were not enough when I applied for investments. But this time when I applied, I got funding from Hivos [a development aid organization] in the amount of $75,000 USD in equity investment.”

-- Fannie (Malawi)


“AWEC has helped me reshape the business. Products have been refined. I share all the assignments with the Management and Branch Supervisors. With my mentor, we have come up with the Business Growth Strategy for the next 5 years. This document has been approved by my board members and is being implemented.”

-- Virginia (Zimbabwe)


“Being part of a cooperative brings me together with other women facing the same struggles. It helps to hear how other people are coping with similar problems and implementing solutions. I feel like I belong. I’m the only entrepreneur around and no one gets what I’m trying to say. AWEC brings warmth and joy to me.”

-- Joyce (Kenya)