African Women Entrepreneurship Cooperative




“The AWEC program is not just another women’s network. Its lessons are practical and instantly applicable. Exercises help experienced entrepreneurs to look at themselves through [an] external prism and have diverse perspectives on their business model, tactics and methods.”

— Braun Hilda (Côte d’Ivoire)


“The value of being in the program is not only gaining the knowledge and skills which I can implement in my own business, but also, it gives me the opportunity to network with like-minded people and mentors from different countries and disciplines. This exposure and learning is invaluable to anyone, irrespective of chosen profession.”

— Keshni (South Africa)


“AWEC is simply exceptional. It’s curriculum, amazing! And the facilitators, top notch. I’m just so glad I’m a part of this. I see my business growing in leaps and bounds even before the training is over.”

— Adenike (Nigeria)


“Being a part of AWEC helped fight a lot of frustrating moments, and helped me realize that I am not alone in this, and that I have a whole community as my support system.”

— Najla (Libya)


“One thing I’ve learned from AWEC is to come up with a simple and systematic financial analysis. In the past, my financial documents were not enough when I applied for investments. But this time when I applied, I got funding from Hivos [a development aid organization] in the amount of $75,000 USD in equity investment.”

— Fannie (Malawi)


“AWEC has helped me reshape the business. Products have been refined. I share all the assignments with the Management and Branch Supervisors. With my mentor, we have come up with the Business Growth Strategy for the next 5 years. This document has been approved by my board members and is being implemented.”

— Virginia (Zimbabwe)


“AWEC is the stone that creates the ripples. This program impacts me, the people I will employ, the economy of my country, and the whole of Africa. AWEC is hope.”

— Angelica (Zambia)


“Being part of a cooperative brings me together with other women facing the same struggles. It helps to hear how other people are coping with similar problems and implementing solutions. I feel like I belong. I’m the only entrepreneur around and no one gets what I’m trying to say. AWEC brings warmth and joy to me.”

— Joyce (Kenya)