Alumna Spotlight: Amaka Raji

June 10, 2020

The month of June kicks off a series of United Nations awareness days set aside to encourage and prompt action to protect our environment: World Environment Day on June 5th, World Oceans Day on June 8th, and World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought on June 17th.

Four of the ten countries in the world most impacted by climate change are in Africa and the current climate emergency has taken a toll on the continent. As a result, there is an urgent call for comprehensive global and local action.

Recycling To Tackle Climate Change

Rising to the challenge is AWEC Alumna Amaka Raji from Nigeria who founded D’Allure Scrap Limited to redefine the West African country’s waste management sector and improve its overall environment. As Amaka tells us, D’Allure Scrap helps “communities, local government authorities, manufacturing and packaging companies to find sustainable and environmentally friendly ways to manage their non-biodegradable wastes. We also help our customers to reduce their waste disposal costs by offering to pick-up recyclable wastes from their premises.”

By working with several local and state government agencies like the Recycling Association of Nigeria and the Central Bank of Nigeria, D’Allure Scrap Limited is gradually creating more awareness about recycling in Nigeria.

Leveraging Connections and Paying it Forward

As an alumna of Cohort 2, Amaka credits AWEC’s learning modules on finance and building structures as well as the 400-strong alumnae network for enabling her to grow her business. When asked about the highlight of her AWEC experience Amaka said, The program has enabled me to meet with other female African entrepreneurs to share knowledge and business experiences and strategize on common challenges confronting businesses in developing nations. Such challenges include lack of basic infrastructure, attracting and retaining talent, multiple taxation, putting a proper structure in place, and learning to keep proper accounting records. These are connections I hope to keep forever and look forward to teaching other female entrepreneurs about how to avoid the mistakes I made while growing my own business. 

Today, in partnership with two other recycling companies, D’Allure Scrap Limited is running a Project with the Central Bank of Nigeria to recycle the mutilated polymer banknotes which have been withdrawn from circulation in the Nigerian economy. They transform these notes into much-needed products like plastic containers, clothes hangers, and chairs for public primary schools throughout Nigeria. To-date they have recycled over 150 metric tonnes of polymer banknotes which would have otherwise been destroyed by burning which is harmful to the environment.

AWEC is proud to support trailblazers like Amaka who work tirelessly to improve the lives and well-being of those in their communities. Their work inspires us to keep doing what we do. To read more stories from our AWEC Alumnae, click here.

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