AWEC Welcomes Members of Cohort 3

April 9, 2020

Learning new management skills. Understanding how to scale their businesses. Expanding their networks. These are just some of the reasons AWEC Fellows cited as their reasons for applying to join Cohort 3. We are thrilled to welcome 200 African women entrepreneurs into the Cooperative this month and look forward to learning more about their businesses, fostering connection and collaboration, and equipping them with the skills necessary to grow resilient businesses over the course of the next twelve months. 

AWEC Cohort 3 Fellows hail from 41 African countries, representing a variety of industries and experience levels. Approximately one-half of Fellows are represented in the following five industries: Education, Nonprofit/NGOs, Agriculture, Healthcare, and Beauty & Cosmetics. This year, 89% of participants are current entrepreneurs, with 48% having been in business for more than three years. Many of these entrepreneurs have reached the point where they are ready to take their businesses to the next level and AWEC can serve as the catalyst they need to effectively grow and scale. 

With this third cohort, AWEC has now admitted applicants from all 54 African countries. New for this year are: Chad, Guinea, Mali, Mauritania, Mozambique, Niger, Seychelles, and South Sudan.

The new cohort of AWEC entrepreneurs has already exhibited strong engagement after just a few weeks in the program year, actively participating in the orientation period and Welcome Session. Fellows also participated in their first Live Session about Ideation and Innovation, led by Lagos Business School Academic Director, Prof. Olayinka David-West. Over 170 Fellows logged in for the session, providing a flurry of questions for Prof. David-West. To learn more about the core program and Live Session topics, click here.

As the program year continues, we are excited to see continued engagement, growing businesses, and expanding networks!

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