African Women Entrepreneurship Cooperative



Program Overview

AWEC’s 12-month blended learning model provides cohort members with online and offline experiences, individual and team-based work, opportunities to give and receive peer feedback, and individualized business mentoring. Lessons are designed to be practical and applicable both to well-established business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.

While there is no cost to participate in AWEC, we require commitment, hard work and active engagement from cohort members. Those who thrive in this program are rewarded with a transformative year-long experience, invaluable business skills and knowledge, and a pan-African network of peers and allies.

The five core components of AWEC are:


Cohort members earn points for completing program activities, which are used to calculate eligibility to attend Leadership Summits and earn a Certificate of Completion.

Each cohort is supported by a team of teaching assistants, program staff and mentors. This approach creates personalized experiences and results in exceptionally high program engagement.

Monthly Schedule

AWEC is a fast-paced program that requires time and commitment to extract maximum value from the experience. The more a cohort member puts into it, the more she gets out of it. Before applying to AWEC, we highly encourage prospective applicants to consider the following sample monthly schedule and the time and connectivity needed to successfully participate in the program:

  • Week 1: Engage in a 75-minute Live Session conducted as an online webinar (recordings will be available)
  • Week 2: Submit an individual assignment that challenges cohort members to apply the Live Session learnings to their business
  • Week 3: Participate in one 60-minute Peer Session to share best practices with a small group of cohort members via online video conference
  • Week 4: Submit at least one peer review of a teammate’s monthly assignment

In addition to this monthly cadence, cohort members are expected to engage with their mentor once per month and to work in assigned teams of five on quarterly projects. Similar to the individual assignments, team projects are designed to impact individual businesses in applied and practical ways. Teams will have up to two months to work on each quarterly project.

Live Session Topics