The Story Behind the AWEC Numbers

June 6, 2019
“AWEC helped me turn my free professional development services into a proper training and coaching company.” These words by Sylvie A. from Cameroon are similar to the feedback from other members of the first cohort. Ask any participant in AWEC about whether the management team likes to survey the cohort and gain their feedback, and she will likely laugh, shake her head ruefully, and say, “yes!” These regular surveys help AWEC to assess the effectiveness of its design, curriculum and execution, as well as gather stories about how the program has impacted these women on a personal and... Read More

Nature’s Bowl in Kenya is Solving an Old Problem in a New Way

June 6, 2019
Meet Sharon Ndegwa, an alumna of AWEC Cohort 1 from Kenya who actively engaged in the year-long program and has recently raised $10,000 in seed funding for her food business. Sharon began her entrepreneurship journey one and a half years ago when she founded Nature’s Bowl, a healthy and nutritious food company. “At Nature’s Bowl, we support mums to raise healthy kids by providing natural flours for them to make tasty meals,” said Sharon. Using 100% indigenous grains and tubers, Nature’s Bowl sources the raw materials from farmers, processes them into flour and packages them for sale. In... Read More

Technology is Driving the Growth of Agribusiness in Africa But is it Enough?

June 6, 2019
In Africa, smallholder farmers feed the continent and about 75% of the agricultural industry depends on small scale producers. In order to consolidate the different aspects of agricultural development on the continent, there has been an avalanche of home-grown technology solutions. The importance of agribusinesses is reflected in AWEC’s cohorts, where agriculture is one of the highest represented industries. Henrietta Ogan, an AWEC alumna from the first cohort, runs... Read More

What We’re Reading: 15 Startups Built by Jumia’s First 50 Employees

June 6, 2019
When was the last time you read a book, or a substantial magazine article? Does your reading time only focus on Twitter updates, Facebook posts or Instagram captions? Making a habit of reading regularly provides significant benefits to you as an entrepreneur, including the acquisition of new knowledge, stronger analytical thinking skills and an expanded vocabulary. In this occasional newsletter feature, we delve into the bookshelves of our AWEC staff, who share their latest reads and valuable lessons for entrepreneurs. Akinola Odunlade is passionate about enabling people and leveraging technology to help businesses grow, transform and expand. It... Read More

AWEC Welcomes Its Second Cohort

April 23, 2019
Cohort 2 Countries of Origin A week after celebrating the culmination of the first AWEC cohort, we welcomed the second cohort of 200 women on April 1st. We can already see the same vibrant enthusiasm and motivation that we experienced in the first year – perhaps even more so as they have a better sense of what to expect from the program. These entrepreneurs were selected from a highly competitive pool of thousands of applications from across the African continent and diaspora. AWEC prioritizes diversity when recruiting participants and this reflects the wide-spread nationalities of the second cohort. In the... Read More

Transforming Healthcare in Malawi

April 22, 2019
Meet Kundai Moyo, an alumna of AWEC Cohort 1. Kundai’s entrepreneurship journey started in September 2017 when she and her business partner, Taziona Emily Mzumara, decided to fill the existing gap in diagnostic services in Lilongwe (the capital of Malawi). APEX Medical Laboratories was born, providing diagnoses closer to the patients who need them. “Our unique selling point is that we save lives, money and time using a mobile specimen collection app that provides quick results to patients,” says Kundai. In addition to diagnoses, APEX Medical Laboratories offers wellness packages to help disease prevention and promote the overall health... Read More

200 Eagles Rising Under the Egyptian Sun

April 19, 2019
“This program has changed my life.” This sentiment was echoed throughout the closing AWEC Leadership Summit that took place in Cairo, Egypt on 24-25 March 2019. Leadership Summits are an opportunity for cohort members to put together everything that they have learned. They take place at the halfway point and the end of each program year. Cohort members must earn their invitation to the Summits through active and steady engagement in AWEC, but in return, they receive a priceless two-day learning and networking experience led by global business experts, investors and venture capitalists, and inspiring changemakers and entrepreneurs. Read More

The Story of AWEC Year 1

April 18, 2019
When the first AWEC Live Session was held in April 2018, the program was new and both staff and cohort members were unsure of what to expect. The goal of the program was clear – to provide a 12-month, high-touch leadership and management training program that empowers women from across Africa and the diaspora with the skills and network needed to establish and grow their businesses. After a year, we can say that we achieved this and much more. AWEC, which stands for African Women Entrepreneurship Cooperative, has blossomed into a pan-African community of entrepreneurs, experts, and allies... Read More


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