The Frontside Flip: Advancing the Digital Supply Chain

August 10, 2017 | By Monica Debban

By George Bailey, Managing Director of the Digital Supply Chain Institute



Welcome to the inaugural issue of The Frontside Flip, a monthly resource published by the Digital Supply Chain Institute (DSCI) to help companies manage the transformation of their supply chains in the digital economy. Our goal is to provide global enterprises with practical recommendations and best practices as they evolve toward a Digital Supply Chain (DSC). We focus on the single most important thing a supply chain can do: grow customers and revenue. We call it the Frontside Flip, which we’ve taken as the name for this blog.


What do we mean by Frontside Flip?


Take THE core process of any company (supply chain, of course!) and flip it from focusing on procurement, manufacturing and logistics — traditional metrics – to a near obsessive concentration on the customer and increasing demand. Sure, you still must create things at ever decreasing cost and deliver them to customers. But that is no longer enough to win.


What is a Digital Supply Chain anyway? 


It is not simply a buzzword. It is a strategic transformation that companies will use to reengineer this critical function. At DSCI, we define the DSC as a customer-centric approach that captures and maximizes the use of real-time data coming from a variety of sources – especially your customers. This approach enables demand stimulation, matching, sensing and helps management to optimize performance and minimize risk.




Who are we to talk about supply chains?


We are the Digital Supply Chain Institute of the Center for Global Enterprise (CGE). We are working with 40+ companies running massive global supply chains.  Companies like Colgate-Palmolive, Dow, ZTE, SAP, Micron, Aricent, Li & Fung and others from Asia, Europe, and the Americas. We are a not-for-profit so we don’t need to spin the facts. We do not sell software, hardware, or consulting. CGE was founded by Samuel J. Palmisano, Retired Chairman and CEO of IBM. Curious? Go to or check out the new DSCI website on August 31 to see the research we’re conducting on behalf of member companies. Tip: you can find 3-minute videos offering practical advice from senior executives that are running digital supply chains. Watch one a day!


Why should I care? Someone else will take the lead and I will follow.


The DSCI is a private, leading Institute comprised of senior supply chain executives and CEOs that have banded together to develop tools to measure and implement a digital supply chain. They share a common belief that a successful transformation will boost revenue 10% and lower costs 20%. GAMECHANGING! Do it and you can win. Stay with the status quo and well, you will may be Ubered.


Get in on the action


How? Become a member of the Digital Supply Chain Institute. Membership means you have an opportunity to direct the DSCI work and get first look at research results. Contact Managing Director, George Bailey at [email protected]


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