Samuel Palmisano publishes eBook

““The globally integrated enterprise is a promising new actor on the world stage. Now leaders in business, government, education, and all of civil society must learn about its emerging dynamics and help it mature in ways that will contribute to social, economic, and human progress around the planet.”


CGE is pleased to announce the availability of Sam Palmisano’s new eBook — Re-Think: A Path to the Future — the first book published by a CEO of a major company exclusively in eBook form. It offers a sophisticated and practical look into how the forces of globalization have changed the world of business.

Designed to encourage a conversation among global leaders, the book focuses on the transformation of IBM into a globally integrated enterprise (GIE), new opportunities and challenges confronting business and the implications for society from what Palmisano calls a “new age of discovery”. The book takes the reader on a real world journey and presents insights about how private and public sector leaders should think about embracing the future.

Re-Think: A Path to the Future offers Palmisano’s personal perspective about the emergence of the first truly global economy and furthers the discussion about GIEs — a seminal point of view originally presented by him in 2006. Palmisano believes the best way to advance this discussion is through the eyes of businesses that have tangible results to report.

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