Re-Think: A Path to the Future

Designed to encourage a conversation among global leaders, Re-Think: A Path to the Future focuses on the transformation of IBM into a globally integrated enterprise (GIE), new opportunities and challenges confronting business and the implications for society. Written by Samuel J. Palmisano (Chairman of the Center for Global Enterprise) The book takes the reader on a real world journey and presents insights about how private and public sector leaders should think about embracing the future.

Re-Think: A Path to the Future offers Palmisano’s personal perspective about the emergence of the first truly global economy and furthers the discussion about GIEs — a seminal point of view originally presented by him in 2006.

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“The rapid technological advances of the 21st century have altered our civilization in almost every way possible: None more so than the global integration of businesses and economies around the world. In Re-Think: A Path to the Future, Sam and the Center for Global Enterprise highlight the need for businesses to collaborate and innovate with new partners in order to fully take advantage of and shape the change that is all around us.”

CONDOLEEZZA RICE (Professor, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University; Former U.S. Secretary of State)

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