Growing Global: Lessons for the New Enterprise

The modern corporation operates with unprecedented speed, scale, and connectivity. But while technological advances and ease of communication have made it easier than ever to operate across borders, building a Globally Integrated Enterprise (GIE) remains a challenge for business leaders.

Growing Global draws from the insight, seasoned experience, and front-line knowledge of accomplished global leaders affiliated with the CGE. They describe key drivers of global economic integration – such as speed, leadership, branding, and disruptive technologies – by drawing on their respective areas of expertise. And they focus on what’s changed over the past decade and what they expect will change in the decade ahead.

“Compelling and cutting-edge, Growing Global clarified my thinking on a range of management topics while also challenging some of my core beliefs. CGE offers an important contribution to current and future business leaders around the world.”

JOHN DONAHOE (Former CEO, eBay; Chairman of the Board, PayPal)

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