Platform Business Models, Management & Strategy

October 30, 2017


Platform Business Models, Management & Strategy


COURSE​ ​DURATION​ ​(2​ ​weeks)
27 November – 10 December


November 15


Dr. Olayinka David-West, Lagos Business School


Companies that have recognized the power of platform business models have grown
dramatically over the past decade, disrupting corporate strategies and entire industries with little
regard for geographic borders or traditional business methods.


The rapid rise of global platform businesses —Facebook, Alibaba, Jumia, Uber, Airbnb, and
others–connect people, organizations and resources in new ways that make it easier to locate
and purchase goods, find transportation, watch movies, get jobs and much more. Fueling the
growth of platform businesses is a different approach to nearly every aspect of
management–strategy, business processes, metrics, branding, supply chain, IP protection, and
many others.


Platform Business Models, Management & Strategy is a 2-week online course that will introduce
key principles of platform management and leadership. This course is designed for executives,
entrepreneurs, investors, and business students seeking insight into a new businesses force
reshaping the global economy.


Course participants who complete this course successfully will be able to:
● Understand platform definitions and key concepts
● Apply principles of platform architecture, governance and launch strategy
● Collaborate and learn from a diverse group of peers
● Join a global network of individuals interested in building and operating digital
● Create a community of professionals committed to advancing platform management and
● Receive a certificate upon course completion


● Platform managers/executives
● Entrepreneurs
● Aspiring platform founders
● Business students


This course is free. There are no charges or fees to participate.


Students are expected to participate in the following activities:
● Weekly live discussions
● Review of pre-recorded videos
● Weekly peer-to-peer assignments
● Final project


● Plan to commit at least 4 hours per week for 5 weeks
● Participants must complete short individual weekly assignments and the final assignment


Access to a computer or smart device connected to the Internet. All assignments and group
projects are submitted via an Internet-connected device. Make sure you have a stable Internet
connection when participating in live video sessions.




The​ ​Center​ ​for​ ​Global​ ​Enterprise​ ​(CGE)
CGE is a nonprofit, nonpartisan research institution devoted to the study of global management
best practices, the contemporary corporation, economic integration, and their impacts on
society. The Center was founded by Samuel J. Palmisano, former Chairman of IBM, to advance
the management science that fosters successful global companies and to make these best
practices available to the current and next generation of business leaders.

For any questions, please contact Toby McCarroll ([email protected]) or Ira Sager
([email protected])

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