Guy Pfeffermann Leads Talk on Business Education for the Developing World

June 1, 2015 | By Monica Debban

Guy Pfeffermann

There are significant gaps in higher education knowledge and access around the world. The convergence of a growing global middle class and global economic reordering has exacerbated a supply shortage of high quality business education, especially in emerging markets. The Global Business School Network (GBSN) is a Washington, DC-based nonprofit organization working to help bridge this gap.


GBSN is focused on delivering management education and increasing research capabilities for the developing world to further economic and social progress. GBSN builds leadership and management skills needed across public and private sectors through programs, partnerships and network activities. Specifically, GBSN works with schools around the globe to help improve their ability to meet the needs of their students and local markets.


Last week Guy Pfeffermann, the Founder and CEO of the Global Business School Network, led a digital colloquium on the State of Business Education in Developing Countries. All members of the Global Scholars Program were invited to join the conversation and submit questions for Mr. Pfeffermann to address. Over 70 universities across 57 countries have joined the Global Scholars Program to date.


You can watch or listen to Mr. Pfeffermann’s discussion below:


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