WSJ/NBC News Poll shows stronger U.S. support for Global Economic Engagement

May 11, 2014

NBC News/Wall Street Journal Survey: April 2014
A recent WSJ/NBC News Poll shows an interesting and positive development — a rise in U.S. public opinion (43%) recognizing the benefit of economic globalization. This number represents an 18% jump from 2008 and is larger than previous years’ findings dating back to 1997.

The same survey revealed a notable 10% decrease of individuals dissatisfied with the effects of globalization, down from 58% in 2008.

This attitude shift presents a number of interesting questions: Is American awareness of our economic interdependence with the rest of the world increasing? Has a rise in U.S. exports given a push to changed attitudes? Is there a generational effect coming to the forefront with “Millennials” feeling more a part of a global community than merely a national one? Do Americans sense their national economy is not enough to sustain advancements in their standard of living?

Looking forward, the U.S. will need to engage global markets to gain needed growth and companies will need to position themselves to be successful in this environment. The CGE is dedicated to helping companies structure themselves and solidify management best practices to do just that.

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