CGE Delivers Keynote at Shanghai Global Think Tank Forum


The Shanghai Academy for Social Sciences (SASS) invited CGE to deliver keynote remarks at its Fourth Annual Shanghai Global Think Tank Forum. Over 150 representatives from 11 countries attended the two day event in Shanghai to discuss the theme of: The Development of Think Tanks with High-quality under a Changing International Order. Forum organizers set the context for the deliberations by stating  “With deepening globalization, think tanks play an increasingly prominent role in the economic and social development of countries and international affairs. Accordingly, think tank diplomacy has become an indispensable part of national governance and geopolitical development”.



Speaking on the topic The New Enlightenment: Decision Making, Trust, and Globalization Amidst Radical Transparency, Chris Caine, CGE President, described The Center’s emerging perspective on new technologies and their implications for the enterprise, global economy, and global society. The New Enlightenment is a new initiative by CGE to describe the converging trajectories of business, technology, and society, and the implications for management models and excellence. It will guide much of CGE’s research and programming throughout 2019.



Attendees from China, Canada, Serbia, France, Uzbekistan, Croatia, Russia, the United Kingdom, Italy, the United States, and Germany exchanged views on a new era of international trade, global economic trends and developments, and multilateral decision making.


If you would like to read the full keynote transcript, you can do so here.


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