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CGE Board Member Doug Haynes Releases Book on CEO Management Insights

October 15, 2019

Effective Enterprise Leadership – Essentials offers practical advice for successful stewardship of some of the world’s most demanding roles – leading an enterprise.  Unlike many books on management, it condenses the ideas to their essence and catalogues them by the responsibilities of the top executive:  synthesizing the mandate created by stakeholder needs; setting the agenda for leading the enterprise; managing the enterprise to deliver results; and building a positive culture that extends beyond the organization to all its stakeholders. CEOs and those aspiring to lead an enterprise will draw keen insights and lessons from its pages.

Nearly thirty years ago, Doug Haynes began observing, recording, and analyzing the actions of chief executives.  The resulting project spanned his experiences at GE in the 1980s and McKinsey & Company from the early 1990s through 2013, then culminated with a series of interviews with current and former enterprise leaders in 2019.  The ideas included in the book are those practiced by multiple successful CEOs and senior executives.

Each idea in Effective Enterprise Leadership – Essentials is summarized on a single page.  By reading from beginning to end, the reader will see the top executive’s role through the lens of a newly appointed leader.  By searching with the topical index at the end of the book, readers can pinpoint the relevant advice for a specific theme or topic.  In either case, the ideas do not aim to be the “final word” on any topic; rather, they offer the reader direction with the benefit of hard-won experience.

Effective Enterprise Leadership – Essentials is published privately and not available in bookstores.  To obtain an electronic or hardback copy, you may contact [email protected] for how to purchase.

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