Millennials, Gen Z and The New Enlightenment Survey

The New Enlightenment Initiative contains a research collaboration agreement with MIT’s Initiative on the Digital Economy led by Erik Brynjolfsson to address the issues and actions CEOs can take to expand business opportunities and minimize operating challenges.

CGE’s The New Enlightenment Initiative does research in the following focus areas:

  1. The Reorganization of Work (Management Focus)
  2. Suitability for Machine Learning (Workforce focus)
  3. Multi-Stakeholder Benefits (Societal focus)

As part of this research, CGE with John Zogby Strategies conducted a study of attitudes toward AI, ML, learning, and work among Millennials and Gen Z cohorts in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. The survey included a total of 3014 respondents out of which 1200 areAmericans, 906 are Canadians, and 908 are Mexicans ages between 18-40. Most of the respondents are college-educated.

Here are the three important key finding of the survey

Popular Key Insights into the Attitude of Millennials and Gen Z


Survey Report


Please download the full report from the sidebar to get detailed data and insights from the survey. Please feel free to reach out to the CGE team for any questions.