Business School Mismatch

January 20, 2015

G2 Top Rank B SchoolsThere is a significant mismatch between the G2 (US and China) in the institutions available to meet the demand for the next generation of global management skills.


There has been a surge in large companies from emerging markets, especially China. China now has 95 companies in the Global 500 list, which means companies generating more than $20 billion in revenue. This number is up from just 29 in 2009. However, as the chart shows, there has not been a similar move in the rankings of top business schools. Today, 51% of the top ranked business schools are located in the US compared to just 4% in China. 


In the Financial Times’ 2014 Business School rankings, China’s four top schools rank 17 (Ceibs), 57 (Peking University), 77 (Shanghai Jiao Tong), and 83 (Fudan). How will the accelerating need for managerial and business leadership training in China as well as other fast growing parts of the emerging markets take place? The US and Europe will contribute but are unlikely to be able to meet this rising demand for the next generation of management talent.  

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