A New Way to Learn

The AWEC Business Academy is a cooperative learning experience designed for African women entrepreneurs seeking to develop specific business management skills in just one month. Business Academy courses are not your typical online courses. Our model provides the opportunity to learn by watching, doing, discussing, and reflecting.

Pushing the Limits of Collaborative Online Learning

AWEC Business Academy courses deliver a practical, interactive, applied, and collaborative learning experience.

  • Practical: Activities allow learners to turn theoretical content into actionable guidance, developing a toolkit of skills to tackle the challenges presented in the road ahead with confidence
  • Interactive: Live Q&A with the Session Leader and support from a team of Teaching Assistants provides a personal touch, ensuring that learners feel directly connected to both the content and the course
  • Applied: Assignment push learners to immediately apply key concepts to their businesses or business concepts, resulting in a roadmap for business growth upon completion of the course
  • Collaborative: Peer Sessions and Peer Reviews build a community amongst learners, emphasizing the importance of peer to peer learning and support in an effort to build a strong, diverse network of fellow women entrepreneurs

Our Course Offerings

Unlike our flagship program, which runs for 12 months and enrolls 200 cohort members at little to no cost to themselves, Business Academy courses are designed to meet the needs of African women entrepreneurs seeking to develop a specific skill set in just 4 weeks. Business Academy courses are available for $150 USD per course, and registration is first come, first served.

Our pilot course, Creating an Entrepreneurial Culture, launched on 1 November 2019. We anticipate offering additional courses in 2020. Please sign up for our newsletter to be among the first to hear about our latest offerings.

Who Should Enroll

The AWEC Business Academy is open to all current and aspiring African women entrepreneurs, including members of the diaspora. Registration for each course is limited to 150 learners.

If you have questions, please contact [email protected]