AWEC Welcomes Its Second Cohort

April 23, 2019
Cohort 2 Countries of Origin

A week after celebrating the culmination of the first AWEC cohort, we welcomed the second cohort of 200 women on April 1st. We can already see the same vibrant enthusiasm and motivation that we experienced in the first year – perhaps even more so as they have a better sense of what to expect from the program.

These entrepreneurs were selected from a highly competitive pool of thousands of applications from across the African continent and diaspora. AWEC prioritizes diversity when recruiting participants and this reflects the wide-spread nationalities of the second cohort. In the second Cohort, 38 countries are represented, as well as a wide range of business experience levels and industries.

More than 40 industries are represented in Cohort 2, ranging from agriculture to health care and from IT services to water utilities. The 15 most highly represented industries in Cohort 2 are represented in the chart below:

Industry Distribution in Cohort 2

Cohort 2 is off to a strong start, with a record-setting 190 out of 200 cohort members who engaged in the the first Live Session, a webinar focused on innovation and ideation that was taught by Dr. Olayinka David-West, Professor and Academic Director at Lagos Business School in Lago, Nigeria.

We are excited to get to know this new cohort and we look forward to sharing their AWEC journey with you.

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