CGE Highlights Globalization of Platform Business Models at 2016 MIT Platform Strategy Summit

  Platform business models have become a global phenomenon with important management implications.   This is the conclusion of a global survey of platform companies undertaken by CGE and presented at the MIT Platform Strategy Summit on July 15, 2016.  In his keynote address kicking off the summit, Samuel J. Palmisano, Founder and Chairman of The CGE, discussed how “asset… Read more


Creating and Capturing Value in a Semiglobalized World

Professor Pankaj Ghemawat invites you to the presentation of key findings from a major research project on business models for globalizing companies. The project, co-sponsored by NYU Stern’s Center for the Globalization of Education and Management (CGEM) and the Center for Global Enterprise (CGE), engaged leading academics who developed white papers on supply chains, marketing,… Read more


The Center for Global Enterprise Releases First Global Platform Survey Valuing Platform-based Companies at $4.3 Trillion

    Worldwide platform companies have a market value of over US$4.3 trillion and employ millions directly and indirectly.  This is the finding of the first survey of platform companies undertaken by The Center for Global Enterprise (CGE), a nonprofit research institution devoted to the study of the contemporary corporation.  The report, The Rise of… Read more


Decoding the API Economy with Visual Analytics

By Peter C. Evans and Rahul C. Basole   Application program interfaces (APIs) have grown significantly in recent years. These tools allow firms to interact and share informational assets with other firms through plug and play automated interfaces. Not only are there more APIs available today, they do much more, and companies are combining APIs… Read more


CGE Launches European Platform Survey

How many home-grown platform companies has Europe produced? What sectors have seen the greatest success? These questions and other questions are attracting attention as platform business models have grown in economic importance. For example, how does Europe compare to the United States, China and other regions in the creation of platform companies? How will European… Read more


Workshop on Business Models for Speed and Scale

CGE and NYU’s Center for Globalization of Education and Management (CGEM) hosted on April 16-17, 2015, a workshop on “Global Business Models for Speed and Scale”. The session is part of CGE’s leading-edge research project on the topic. Convening academic authorities and business practitioners to discuss elements impacting management best practices, the program focused on

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CGE Launches China Platform Survey

Over the past decade, China has spawned a large number of highly successful platform companies. Tencent (social media), Alibaba (e-commerce), Baidu (search) have grown to serve hundreds of millions of users. In the process, China has become one of the most competitive and innovative countries for platform business models. A growing number of these companies… Read more