May 26, 2015

Workshop on Business Models for Speed and Scale

PalmisanoSCGE and NYU’s Center for Globalization of Education and Management (CGEM) hosted on April 16-17, 2015, a workshop on “Global Business Models for Speed and Scale”. The session is part of CGE’s leading-edge research project on the topic. Convening academic authorities and business practitioners to discuss elements impacting management best practices, the program focused on six dimensions.


The focus on speed and scale is an outgrowth of CGE CEO Exchanges in which executives have expressed a challenge in managing large, global companies in a nimble manner. Large companies are traditionally very good at scaling operations, but don’t have the agility of smaller companies. In contrast, small companies are adept at operating at a high rate of speed, but struggle with scaling for global operating growth.


The research project is focused on developing learnings that can be applied to companies across economies, governance models, and cultures; providing insights and tools needed to successfully manage and operate at the intersection of speed and scale.


Experts from Singapore, Canada, Europe and throughout the U.S. presented initial research findings on the following six topics:


  • Supply Chain, Market Access and Distribution EfficiencyAuthors: Gary Pisano, Giulio Buciuni
  • Economic and Financial ManagementAuthors: Bernard Yeung, David Mitchell Reeb, Emir Hrnji
  • Building Government Trust for Market Access and Freedom of Operating ActionAuthors: David Beier, Dean Krehmeyer
  • Creating, Managing and Protecting Intellectual PropertyAuthors: Juan Alcacer, Bruno Cassiman, Karin Beukel
  • Company Culture, Leadership Identification and DevelopmentAuthor: B. Sebastian Reiche
  • Global Versus Local Sales and MarketingAuthor: Jan-Benedict Steenkamp

CGE will release its applied research findings later this year.

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