Wang Zhile

Professor Zhile Wang is a research fellow of Chinese Academy of International Trade & Economic Cooperation of MOFCOM., President of Beijing New Century Academy on Transnational Corporations, Member of UN Global Compact’s Working Group on the 10th Principle, Vice President of IAC Committee of Foreign Investments, and holder of outstanding expert certificate and special allowances issued by the State Council.

Since 1993, he has carried out research on investment in China from Germany, Japan, Korea, Singapore and the United States. His main research interest is studies on Transnational Corporations, and he has investigated over 80 transnational corporations’ corporate headquarters, over 100 transnational corporations’ headquarters and representative offices in China, and over 500 ventures invested in China by transnational corporations. Based on these studies, he has drafted and published dozens of reports and works over topics including globalization, the transformation from traditional transnational corporations to global corporations, transnational corporations’ strategy and management and governance, as well as transnational corporations’ global responsibility, etc.

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