Goldman Sachs 10K Small Businesses Fireside Chat with Sam Palmisano

Bloomberg Philanthropies and Goldman Sachs hosted their first Baltimore Ten Thousand Small Businesses (10KSB) Fireside Chat at Johns Hopkins University on Wednesday, January 10. Sam Palmisano was invited as the inaugural speaker at this event which gathered the alumni from the first two years of the 10KSB Baltimore Program along with this year’s current participants.


Mr. Palmisano discussed leadership lessons learned throughout his long and diverse career. Focusing specifically on his experience growing up in Baltimore, his early days at IBM based in the “Charm City”, and his time living in Japan. Attendees expressed keen interest in his experience assessing business opportunities and leading sales efforts.


Approximately seventy-five members of the local 10KSB community attended and asked focused questions about business leadership and critical measures for success in business. Mr. Palmisano talked about the importance of passion, personal discipline, and resilience as determining factors for driving operating and performance excellence.


In 2017, CGE and the Goldman Sachs Foundation joined together to conduct an online CGE Global Scholars Micro-Course on Global Branding and Marketing, for 10KWomen and 10KSB alumni.

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